Comments, Complaints, Suggestions


We've spent hours of hard work and dedication in our kitchen perfecting each and every one of our products, but we always welcome your ideas and feedback. If found a problem with any of your cupcakes please make sure to send us a clear photo of your cupcakes to, and return them to us at 90 Central market, Jersey. Unfortunately we are unable to offer any refunds of products without a thorough examination by our team.



Classic/Celebration/Bespoke Cakes 



Our larger cakes are handmade to order to meet your requirements. Our staff are trained on how to correctly handle your cakes. Upon collection customers are presented with their chosen cake. If anything doesn’t meet your requirements at this stage please do notify us straight away and we will do our best to amend your order. Unfortunately we cannot accept any responsibility for incorrect decoration once the cake has left our shop so if someone is collecting on your behalf please make sure they know exactly what has been ordered.


Damage in customer transportation

 Our celebration cakes contain plastic dowel rods to make transportation easy. They are best kept on a flat surface whilst in transportation. We chill all of our cakes for 2 hours prior to collection this is to ensure that all icing has set firmly and that they are as strong as they can be for their journey. Roads in jersey can be bumpy so please make sure you drive carefully with our cakes as we cannot accept any damages made to our cakes after they leave our shop. Our staff will instruct you on how best to transport your cakes. If you need further advise please do let us know.


Damage in our transportation

If your cake is being delivered by us and is damaged upon delivery, we will do our best to fix it for you. If the cake is unfixable we will determine the level of damage to the cake and offer you a partial or full refund. We photograph all our cakes upon delivery where the customer (or a nominated person on their behalf) is not present e.g. restaurants, hotels etc. We will not leave any cake, damaged by us without the consent of the customer. If the cake is damaged after it leaves our care we cannot accept any responsibility for this.



In the rare event of your cake being faulty, e.g.. an under baked sponge or incorrect flavour, we ask that you return the entire cake (whether it has been cut into pieces or not) to us on the next working day (Monday to Saturday) before we close at 5pm for us to inspect and taste. We do need the cake to be left with us for investigation but don’t worry we will take your details and contact you as soon as we have completed our testing process. If we find that there is a fault with your cake we will offer you a full refund. If your cake is correctly made to our requirements no refund will be given. No refunds can be offered without the complete cake being returned.


Didn’t like your cake?

Unfortunately we are unable to refund any cakes that are correctly made and flavoured, as this is simply a case of choosing the wrong flavour. We understand that everyone has different tastes therefore we may choose to offer you a voucher as a gesture of goodwill.